Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exploring the kitchen...!! :)

Well yes indeed..I should have named this post - A newly discovered place @ my home ;).....!
I remember even a month before marriage,I was like this lazy goose not even planning to explore the kitchen in my house.Mom must have been almost fed up scolding me and advising me that I need to learn some good culinary skills and get to do some work in kitchen...I somehow used to believe that "Necessity is the mother of invention"hence would somehow convince myself that I will learn when I need and will do when it matters :)

Thus,began my new journey to an undiscovered place in my home! I call it 'undiscovered' because I have realised that this place is one of the best places for the lady @ home..Its in this place I have discovered other skills in myself(Self-praise No:1).....;) Actually speaking I myself am surprised @ the amazing skills I have in preparing dishes! (Self-praise No:2) . I remember when I was small and even when I grew up I used to feel sad..for what??..sad for the chicken when my mom used to prepare...I used to have this dumb thought when I was small that the chick's parents/siblings must be missing it @ their home (chicken's home :) ).....I used to never enter the kitchen whenever mom would be cleaning the raw chicken;but .....would be happily feasting on it once prepared ;)...Yummm Yummm...slurp! slurp!!..WoWW!!! :))... But now I can consider myself an excellent cook in preparing chicken items(Self-praise No:3) :) Now I happily clean it and wash it well and then prepare the yummm stuff;...the only thing is that the disease has been transferred to my hubby,now he never enters whenever I am cleaning the chicken but loves it once prepared...ha ha :)

I still know that I need to excel myself in vegetarian items....Ahh there's still time ;) moroever I have this feeling that basics in cooking is to learn veggie items and Advanced C++ is learning non-veg items am sure I have graduated in cooking good food(Self-praise No:4) !

The next item I love to make is idly-chutney [Fast and soo simple to make ...he he he ;)] I rememeber once I happen to speak out some rubbish to my friends ;)..Instead of mentioning that idly's get overheated ,I said "Idly's turn BLACK"..Boy o Boy then started leg-pulling.....I wanted to explain something but it turned out to be something else ...since then my friends started questioning abt my so-called black idly's :'( ... Hmmmmmm foolish me :)
Apart from idly's I love to make sambhar tooo...the nice aromatic dish made with freshly prepared anu-made-sambhaar masala powder simply tastes yummm!! (Self-praise No:5)

Apart from the above I would also like to mention my few new short term discoveries --- pizzas/vadas/paneer chilly/chinese manchurian! I call them short term coz I prepared them for the first and last time :) (Self-praise No:....? lost count ;))!

Given a day in kitchen I guess one can experiment many many new things and feast in them as well !Now I have gradually developed a liking towards exploring various dishes ....and finally what matters for me is when Vivek says - Anu,the food is edible ;) I simply loved what u prepared :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My first "so-called-blog".... :)

Okies….finally me did decide :)...Well,never I would have thought in my life that I would be also “tempted” to write a blog.. anyways:)....Generally books start in with the first page about “Thanks to blah-blah etc etc..“ so me too have decided to thank all the people who used to send me their blog links with interesting and unusual experiences narrated which finally probed me to start in my own blog space.

I had a notion that people write in blogs for timepass, or maybe just to narrate some boring incidents in an interesting manner or maybe to educate the “junta” about the happenings around as in opening one’s eyes :D or maybe just because they have a habit of writing day-to-day activities in their small “my-diary” kind of thing or maybe even let one’s friends know what they are upto or maybe for people who talk a lot - writing blogs keeps them satisfied that someone might listen/read what they have to say ;)...Whatever the reason maybe Anu has decided to start blogging....hmmm...reminds me of my childhood wherein I used to start every sentence with “Anu”..I somehow loved my name so much...I used to say “Anu wants to eat...”.. “Anu wants to buy...” “Anu wants to...” :D..Everyone used to say it sounded cutee....But eventually when I grew up, thankfully I stopped this habit :D..I find it quite funny that I used to do so....Aww.. I think I am going a bit off track ;)...but this is also something interesting, people go off-track and go into some other imaginary world and then finally forget where they had started with. I often tend to do so...”Going into an imaginary world” is something which my friends have told me that I do...I don’t know how this happens but it often happens that people discuss things and I might invariably lead them thinking differently into some imaginary things and conversations and then lead them or the conversation into something which doesn’t make head or tail of it and then put them wondering in a big mess like how I am doing it now ;).....My o My I rather not deviate again..:)

BTW I usually prefer blogs to be written short which means covering every single minute detail written and described incredibly in a matter of few lines/paragraphs. I feel the longer the blogs,the more time it takes for one to type and the more time it takes for one to read and the more time it takes for one to understand :p hence I have decided to keep a resolution that I would somehow stick to writing in short blogs...anyways resolutions can be broken :)....And hey,by the time I could think of what I should be writing next I guess I have already or almost written in a page hmmm...or is it that I have purposefully increased my font size so that I could restrict myself not to write more?....upto you to wonder:D. Actually I really wonder if anyone’s going to read this or would be interested in reading this :D ... Whatsoever it may be I am sure the next time “me-myself-anu” reads it, definitely I am going to laugh at it(or at least pretend to do so :D) for the 7 mins I took in typing this :(.... I somehow promise myself that the next blog I might write I should somehow keep it interesting and informative as that’s how I assume that blogs are meant to be :)....!!