Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hilarious to the core....;)

I used to receive forwards mentioning funning matrimonial profiles.... and would have a hearty laugh and then wonder whether these people really exist who write in such amazing hilarious stuffs in their matrimonial websites.
Finally I too got the chance to witness the most funniest profiles written by people when I had to look out for a match for my brother through online sites. Sharing a few of them which I had personally saved to post below .... Lets make it like some contest?? Rate your favorites and let me know the reason :)......enzoii maadiii :)

  • one sister - I am her only elder sister,a master degree holder ,working in a reputed company as HR officer in Ankleshwar.My marriage is already fixed in jan 08.
  • Mine is a nuclear family of 4 (which includes my parents & a sis), oozing with unconditional love & moral support.Though inordinately conversant with Written Communication ; I am realizing that when it has come to describing myself ( so that others may have a brief glimpse of the person I am ), hey , there my vocabulary exhausts...!! I am a down to earth , jovial, understanding and caring girl. I like my simplicity & honesty. Of Life , I opine that its all about the gap between what u want & what u get , & more importantly, HOW u adjust to that gap...
  • I feel im a loving person, and i prefer a loving person, i like to stay in kerala, preferably tvm,but im not very adamant abt it...
  • she is young beautiful minded lady with full of love. she is can caring her family like a hevan. she enjoys music ,movies&reading. LOVELY FAMILY IT IS A HAPPY FAMILY Looking for: MUST BE A LOVELY PERSON
  • Wait for updates...I come from a very traditional background. My parents are very conservative and I would like a guy who values traditions and customs. I am very artistic and when I am not working, I spend my time drawing and painting. I love dogs and I know how to train them and take care of them. Looking for someone with similar tastes.
  • Hi, I'm a highly ambitious person with loads of with +ve attitude. I am hard working, but not impatient. People also say I am broad-minded, which I think means, being liberal in thinking. I am a go-getter, and compromise is one thing, not for me
  • About me :-
    I will be a nice wife to my husband. I'll be a nice and wise mother to my children. I'll be a nice daughter-in-law to my in-laws and I'll be a nice friend to other kith and kin.
    I believe " many details can be seen only when you see the person, i like person who love human beings and must be a good human being too."
  • Hello everyone I am Rashmi.I am an MBA graduate. In my family there is my father who iz a business man ,Mother also helping dad in business and then comes my younger brother who is doing bsc Printing technology and then myself.I like to have a mate who will be loving a persons character and not physical appearence.A person with whom i can share eveything.a person who guide me in every path of my life.A person with whom i can fight, Play ...............
  • Ours is a nuclear family...Consisting of my parents,myself, and my sweet little sis..My Father is one retired military officer..He got retired in 2000.And now also he is working for one govt organization..He is a very active person.And also kind hearted..My friends and relatives always say that we are lucky enough to get him as our father..And i too think so...He is one role model in my life..My mother is a house wife...She is very beautiful ( one small aishwarya rai..hehe ) ...She is very funny person.She cooks very well..We can talk anything under the sky with her....She is just like my best friend...I share all my secrets with her.Even I like to have some silly fights with her ( not any serious fight ) ...Even she too do the same with me...Then comes my sis...She is very cute n bubbly...She is doing her bachelors in Micro biology...Even though she is 2.5 yrs younger to me,she acts like my elder sister...When we both r together,our cousins will say that ki BBC and CNN have started broadcasting.
  • i am fair . i want a IT professional. he must be handsome and fair like me. he has no bad behaviors