Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mera Bharat Mahaan!!

It feels nice that it is Independance Day today :)...and more nice that she is celebrating her 60th Independance day!! Its gives me great pride that I was born an Indian.

Makes me nostalgic of my school days where we used to hoist our national flag and sing the national anthem with pride and honour,speaking about the historical figures who dedicated their lives for us...added with many patriotic songs and speeches by our principal :)...the best thing would be the climax......Lolly Pops!!...we used to get sweets and chocos on this occasion;) and then one would see the immense happiness on each of our faces!...
whatever it is I miss those childhood days in school wherein remembering our country and taking pride in being an Indian was inculcated in each of us.The thought of appreciating and thanking the people who fought and sacrificed their lives for us were remembered....And nowadays..?...
nowadays, August 15th is considered just to be another break from hectic schedules and work... and if it falls on a Friday/Monday...the better the weekend turns out to be!

Now it gives me a nice feeling when I see the big tricolored flags waving high with the wind on the streets and also being sold to the junta @ traffic signals....did they have to wait for an Aug 15th or Jan 26th to sell them?....
It feels nice to see people displaying the Indian flags on their vehicles....be it a cycle or a brand new car!....did they have to do so since the Independance day is around the corner
?..... It feels nice to see various wonderful TV programmes/movies related to India or its independance...did they have to telecast this just because its an Aug 15/Jan 26? .....I am kept glued to the idiot box to see an endless debate on a news channel claiming itself as the 'First ever Historic Indo-Pak debate" to be telecasted ...isn't this debate going on since ages?.....I hear the music stations playing continuously old and new patriotic songs...hmmmm,they found a new theme for the day ..huh!
.................My friends and colleagues celebrating Independance Day @ their offices......eh...an excuse to display their latest designer wear sarees/kurthas they shopped over the weekend? :) I should feel guilty too,coz me too celebrating Independance...er Ethnic day @ office tomorrow...he he he ;)

Another year passing by....India still remains the same as how it used to be before ... poverty .... unemployment ...... infrastructure ..... child labour .... any change??....all the same!... sad:(

That just reminds me of a beautiful scene which touched me when I watched it in this film titled Swades.

The scene below is self explainatory!


aaaa said...

anu ji after reading your blog me too feeling nostalgic about my school days and remember lots of things .... nice description of overall india's scenario.. good one anu ji :)

Unknown said...

Anu... me thinking of going back to school... :)

Anu said...

Thank You Mr.A's :)

Richy said...


Unknown said...

Anu Bharat Maata..good blog :)

BHATTA said...

Very nice anu!
guess the video is from swades.
Yup, India lives in the perils of such poverty, but its our time, India's time. the country which will emerge as the single largest economy and the strongest man power.
elieve and work for it, so will it be..
India Shining! :-)

Anu said...

@Richy -> :))

@Nandu -> podadaii you kanthri fraud NRI :p

@Arvind -> Good going!!