Sunday, July 22, 2007

An adventurous fun filled weekend !!

Thank God I took an off on Friday.....Vivek and I started our day packing up for his trip and then drove till Nimhans at Koramangala to fight with the officials regarding my sister-in-law's study certificates...then followed shopping @ Forum Mall...then again returning back to NIMHANS to get the certificates...and then a trip to Sarjapur where Vivek's office was,he had to get some stuffs from the travel desk since he was travelling to Canada the following day!...And then we were so damn tired that we headed towards a restaurant just next to my home to have a cup of tea with some snacks to eat...Then we headed towards Vijayanagar as we had to drop in Vivek's trip luggages there...had dinner and again headed back to Banaswadi home!!.....phew...indeed a dead tiring day as we had travelled all round the jam-packed city and we were both flat by the time it was 12AM.

Next day was even more exciting!!! Got up early ...went to temple....went to shop @ Com Street....rushed in @ every shop and bought some footwear/clothes etc for Vivek's Canada trip.After we shopped Vivek smiled and told me - "First time I am shopping and you arent ;)"
Then we rushed back home ...did some final packings and headed towards Vijayanagar...had a delicious mommy-made lunch and headed towards Chowdiah Memorial Hall!!...why??? to watch a play called -"Five Point Someone" (a humorous story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope).

A short note on the play......the play was damn good....the artists looked like theatre professionals...they enacted the play so as if I were reading the book all over again....Five-point Someone was the first ever novel I had read till now...and it was the first time I was watching a play add in more excitement the book's author,Chetan Bhagat Singh too had come to watch the play....wowww!! it was sooo nice....!! The actors were damn cute...esp the person who played the role of Ryan looked cuteee...the person who enacted Alok played his part well and so did Hari's role!The people who played the prof's character were damn good....especially their voice modulation was remarkable!Not to forget the person who played Neha was a pretty dame too....quite soft yet she gave justice to Neha's character.All in all a humorous play by the 'Evam Group'!!!

The play got over by 6pm ...It was raining quite heavily....Still somehow me,Vivek and my bro managed to get an auto and reached Vijaynagr by 6:45pm...again did some final touches on packing...actually speaking re-packed again ;) ....then we thought of sitting an relaxing down to watch TV....but the power went off...When the power came after an hour,it was almost time to have the last minute decided that the whole family would go to see off Vivek at the airport!!!.... Left to airport around 10:30PM as his flight was @ 2AM....Reached the airport ~11PM.....said bye-bye and wished him bon voyage....he looked like this little kid jumping with joy all excited for a trip to a beautiful place....and I looked like this sad soul waving out happily to my hubby but feeling sad deep within since I would be missing him for a month!!!

Also met Madhu and her hubby who were planning to take the same flight as they were heading to US after their marriage.My other colleagues - Vinayak and Aruna too had come to see her off. Hugged Madhu and wished her too a wonderful journey and headed back to my mom's home!!

Indeed an adventurous and fun-filled weekend it was :)


aaaa said...

so exciting, fun filled as well as tiring weekend for u anu ji :) good keep on having the same one's in ur future

BHATTA said...

nice update on the play anu. Thanku! ;)
v had to watch it, unfortunately rain marrred the plan..
After your reviews, sure gonna watch it nxt time ;))

Anu said...

Thanks Arpan....Thanks Arvind :)

Unknown said...

hi anu,
wanted to contact you since we are trying to get in touch with our audiences who also blog and hence express their views.

can you pls message/mail me your contact details so that i can get in touch with you.

for evam