Sunday, July 1, 2007

..and she made the difference!!

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints in our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."
-Author Unknown

Today I am thankful to God that He has showered me with some wonderful people whom I call as "my good friends"...most of all I thank Him for sending a 'best' friend in my life.

I still remember the day she came and sat next to me @ my tutions.She did not speak to me and I used to have this thought in my mind,"Man,watta attitude she has....damn why cant she sit somewhere else" .....As days passed ....months flew we became the best of pals...and I am so happy that I met her quite early in my life....

I still dont understand the meaning of a "best" friend.....But I know she is that one person with whom I can spend a day with loads of fun and who understands the meaning of my who sheds a tear when I am who is more happier for me than with whom I can get pampered and also who can give me a solution even before I narrate the who stood beside me when everyone thought I was who gives me that inner strength and with whom I can trust on anything ........People generally used to tell us "You are like one soul in two bodies"...shez made that difference in my life.

A day had come when I cried as she had to travel miles away from me...But I was happy for her as she was getting married and settling in the US ....Even today I chuckle when she calls up from Unc. Sam's land only to end the conversation with ->"Anu daa when you coming to San Diego".....

I miss those days we had lots of fun...I miss those times we played some pranks....miss those days when we simply laughed for nothing ;).....I miss being myself when I was with u.....I sometimes miss my dearie friend Poonam :)


Richy said...

Cute one

Congo said...

Touching... seemed like I was watching a movie :)
Anu da, next you can write about some notorous friends who come and create havoc/mess/chaos in life and life is never peaceful again:)

Anu said...

thanks richyy!!..

BTW mannu for that i might need lots n lots of space in this webpage to write abt my notorious friends ;)

Unknown said...

Wow !! Is that about me ? You really made my day Anu ! :) The fact that you value my friendship with you so much touches me the most..Thanks a ton for knowing me so well Anu... U r the best possible ! :)