Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whats in a name....

Yesterday I received a mail from my cousin sis from US.She was mentioning about the funny things I used to do when I was small,and she was asking about my mom whom she calls "Muruku Aunty",since my mom used to make yummy delicious 'murukus'(also known as Chaklis,is a savoury snack popular in India) when my cousins were kids.Infact that reminded me of the funny names both my bro and I used to call our uncles and aunties.......Some of them were :-
  • Biriyani Uncle - This uncle was my dad's close friend . When we were small this uncle used to bring good chicken biryani for us often.....since then we have started calling him Biriyani Uncle :) Even today me,my bro including my parents and their other friends call this uncle by the name christened by us :D....everything's the same only except that we dont get biriyani's now from him :'-(

  • 'Jeddi' Mamman/Uncle - He was our neighbour in my childhood days. We used to alwaays see him on the road in his 'Jeddi's' a.k.a Bermudas now :D ....but when we were small we could hardly understand what a 'bermuda' since we used to alwaays see this uncle in his shorts...we named him as "Jeddi Mamman" :D...I remember my mom used to tell me not to call him like now since we have grown big;) and also since he has 2 grown up daughters, we refer him by his own name itself :)

  • White Aunty - It actuallys sounds soooo funny when I have to call this aunty by this name even now. This aunty was my childhood neighbour,an old widow.I used to see her always draped in white saris.Since the rest of the aunties were always seen in colorful saris except her,we used to call her "White Aunty"...and call her the same even now!

  • 1..2...3 Miss - She was my montessory Mathematics teacher....I was barely 4-5yrs old,I never knew her name,even till now!I remember when I used to run back home after my class, I used to narrate the days events to my mom and tell her - "Today 1..2..3 Miss told me this.....1..2..3 Miss scolded me...etc"

I vaguely remember the other funny names I used to give my uncs and aunts....including my school teachers :D was difficult to remember these people by their names hence they were named by us either bcoz of their attitude or dressing style or behaviour :). Also remember an aunty whom we call as "Baby Aunty".Her name is something else but I guess it was her pet name,so now since she's quite an elderly person...we call her Baby 'Aunty' now :) sounds funny actually ;)

Yeah ofcourse vice-versa too worked school teachers remember me because of my initials 'T.V' teachers used to give me various TV names....those days it was -Dynora...Solidaire and all....So they used to call me with such weird TV names.I guess even now sometimes I get teased because of my initials....but whatever it is I zimbly love it when people call me "Anu TV" :)


Richy said...

This was good.
I remember you telling me some of the names.
Think you had mentioned Jeddi mamman and Biryani Ungle!

Anu said...


Congo said...

You did not mention one pet name of yours by which people call you at home! You asked not to make it public... whats that I forgot :(

Anu said...

which name ? what name? who name??....shhhhhhhhhhh!! thanks to ur alzheimer disease ;)

BHATTA said...

he he he ! anutie..! :-P

Archana & Darshan said...

How can I forget AUN TV (roughly translated to AUNTY) on your phone display ?? :D

And of course which your pet name @ home.. which I remember but wont be making it public... ;)

Anu said...